Hiring Process

Hiring the best candidate to meet the strategic goals of a unit and the Division has never been more important.  The best way to hire a great candidate is to ensure you have a diverse and strong candidate pool.

Please reference the following procedural guidance for information on designing the position, search process, search committee, active recruitment techniques, and hiring process guidance.  The Hiring & Onboarding page also has many resources for the process that should be referenced.


Faculty Promotion Salary Adjustments

Faculty receive a salary increase for promotion from assistant to associate rank and for promotion from associate to full rank.  The amount of the increase will be set at a flat 10% increase for each of the major promotions. Individuals who receive promotion increases and who also receive an administrative stipend will have the promotion applied to their base salary as a faculty member. Salary amounts and the calculation methodology for the increases are subject to regular review and change.  All salary increases are contingent on the availability of funding.

Endowed Chair 5-year Review

Revised from an earlier policy, all endowed chairholders will have their performance as chairholder reviewed every five-years.  Additional information is found in the attached document. 

Effective Date for Personnel Actions

To the greatest extent possible, all personnel actions should be implemented on the first day of a pay period.

CALS Tenure/Continuing Home Transfer Between Units

Procedure for faculty to transfer their tenure/continuing home from one academic unit to another CALS unit. This is expected to be a very rare event.

Compensation Adjustments (Merit, Market, Retention, and Equity)

The Executive Council (EC) is responsible for overseeing all compensation programs. Regardless the adjustment process, it uses the following definitions.

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