ALVSCE Budget & Planning System (Axiom) Support

Welcome to the ALVSCE Axiom Support Page!

Click the headers and links below to find more information and resources to help you with the Budget & Planning Tool in Axiom. 


  • New reports available that allow you to see your department in whole (e.g., 01x, 24x, and 15x as a sum total)
  • We will update the ALVSCE Guide again with more information about the use of these reports
  • Message from Garth in OBP:
    "We are pleased to announce the publication of a series of reports to aid you with this year’s All Funds Planning submission.  The attached image “Report Menu” demonstrates how you can navigate to these new reports: Labor>Funding Org Position Planning Budget, Labor>Funding Org Position Planning Monthly Budget, Labor>Personnel Budget and Trend Analysis, Budget>Operating Budget and Trend Analysis, and Budget>Transfers Review .  I have also attached an image of the filter icon available on each report (“Report Filter”).  The main report we would recommend for better understanding the underlying data of your All Funds Submission is called Operating Budget and Trend Analysis and I have included the pertinent filters for that report.  Please feel free to contact any of us directly should you have additional questions."


  • The ALVSCE Axiom Support Guide was updated with information to complete the Operating Budget module, including transfers and obligations/commitments.


  • The ALVSCE Axiom Support Guide was updated for some formatting issues, PFDT guidance, and language/term inclusions.


  • The ALVSCE Axiom Support Guide is available in the Resources section
  • The ALVSCE Axiom Budgeting Helper dashboard is available in the Resources section


  • Posted in Resources below the guides from OBP that we find particularly useful.


  • Updated calendar, particularly the date range for units to complete entries in Axiom (from start date of 2/17 to start date of 2/24).


  • Training slides updated/reorganized.


  • OBP added a Budget Shell filter to the KFS Account Planning Fund Crosswalk report in Axiom


  • Training presentation slides made available under Resources



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