ALVSCE Faculty Council

The Faculty Council has been tasked to formulate recommendations on how we can more efficiently manage and utilize resources to achieve greater effectiveness in carrying out our three-fold mission of teaching, research and extension. Dean Shane Burgess introduced the membership, charge, resources, and guiding principles for this committee - originally called the Faculty Consultative Group - at an "all hands" meeting for the college on January 9, 2012.

The Faculty Council is composed of all elected and voting-eligible Faculty Senators with CALES or Cooperative Extension appointments, representatives elected by faculty within each CALES academic unit (one per department and two per school), and two elected representatives of county-based Cooperative Extension faculty.

Ashlee Linares-Gaffer, Nutritional Sciences and Wellness - Chair

Kathleen Kennedy, Human Ecology - Co-chair

Tauhidur Rahman, Agricultural and Resource Economics

Quintin Molina, Agricultural Education, Technology and Innovation

Kerry Cooper, Animal and Comparative Biomedical Sciences

Gerry Lopez, Animal and Comparative Biomedical Sciences

Dr. Armando Barreto Munoz, Biosystems Engineering

Todd Schlenke, Entomology

Katerina Dontsova, Environmental Science

Corey Quailes, Human Ecology

Kevin Bonine, Natural Resources and the Environment 

Rachel Mitchell, Natural Resources and the Environment 

Ashley Snider, Nutritional Sciences and Wellness

Ramin Yadegari, Plant Sciences

Zhongguo Xiong, Plant Sciences

Traci Armstrong Florian, Maricopa County Cooperative Extension

Representative TBA, Pima County Cooperative Extension

Tim Ottusch, Human Ecology (CALES Faculty Senate Representative)

Robert Torres, (CALES Faculty Senate Representative)

Katie Zeiders, Human Ecology (CALES Faculty Senate Representative)

Meeting Agendas, 2016 - present