Faculty Offer Letter and RPO Process

Faculty Offer Letters

The RPO process below is no longer required for the Faculty Offer Letter process per Provost (2021). After following the Faculty Matrix you are at the point to create an Offer Letter for Faculty hire, please follow these steps:

  1. Create Offer Letter in Talent. Make sure you include (as applicable):
    • Workload percentages under Conditions of Service section
    • Conflict of Interest statement
    • Moving Allowance
    • Start-up funds and equipment- make sure you use the ALVSCE approved verbiage, not the verbiage provided by Talent
    • Division Required Training verbiage
    • Additional Titles
  2. Send the following to the DBS Coordinator, Personnel Operations for review:
    • Draft Offer Letter
    • CV of candidate
    • 3 Letters of Reference (T/TE & C/CE Faculty)
    • Copy of requisition
    • For Faculty who are coming in with Tenure, need to provide Proof of Tenure from current College/University
    • If funding will be provided outside of ALVSCE, then a fully signed Start-up Commitment Sheet will need to be provided
  3. DBS Coordinator will review Offer Letter and send materials to next approval. 
  4. Once Offer Letter is fully approved, the DBS Coordinator will contact the department. Department may submit the Offer Letter through Talent using Talent Routing Approval Guide


For Reference Only- Recruitment, Proposal and Offer Presentation (RPO)

Business offices use the Recruitment system (RPO) in UAccess Employee to create Job Offers for tenure and continuing track positions. This updated process streamlines the back-and-forth conversations between the parties involved in hiring faculty by recording and preserving data about decisions made at the various stages of faculty recruitment, such as position approvals and salary offers, funding commitments and negotiations.    

Download session handouts.