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What Does DST Do?

Our Mission

The ALVSCE Planning, Consulting, & Data Solutions Team (also known as DST and part of ALVSCE Division Business Services) is client- and mission- focused, addressing needs specific to accomplishing ALVSCE's ongoing mission and the ALVSCE Strategic Plan

We provide meaningful insight through business intelligence/analytics using information technology to empower employees in ALVSCE for decision-making and leveraging data for increased efficiency, effectiveness, and the betterment of our community.  

Goals: Insights, Solutions, & Partnerships

Insight - DST provides insights to inform and empower decision-making.

  • Practical evaluations and recommendations to teams and leadership regarding the organization and missions
  • Training and education for employees to empower them with data solutions

Solutions - A variety of tools are leveraged for reporting, meaningful data visualization, actionable statistics, effective communication, well-formed databases, and process evaluation/improvement.

  • Dashboards, predictive analyses, and models with forecasts across mission areas
  • Enhancements for business processes for increased efficiency and effectiveness

Partnerships - This is accomplished through partnerships, using co-discovery with quantitative and analytical tools, simplifying technology, knowledge of policies and processes, and mutually-established interpretations of data with subject matter experts. 

  • Collaborate with stakeholders and clients to accomplish the mission and objectives of the division in alignment with our strategic plan


Projects & Resources

Current Projects

In addition to ongoing client requests and day-to-day service support, DST has larger projects/initiatives for each mission area in ALVSCE.

Last updated September 20, 2021


  • Structure and Data for Financial Transparency
  • ALVSCE App for Business Personnel Contacts & ALVSCE Organizational Structure
  • Quarterly All Available Funds Process Revamp
  • Workforce Summaries Dashboard
  • Federal Excess Properties Process Revamp


  • Analysis for FCS Faculty on Admissions Lifecycle for FCS Program
  • ALVSCE-Centric Admissions Snapshot Monitoring for CALS-Specific Marketing & Recruitment Strategy
  • Graduate Assistant/Associate Salary Evaluation
  • Dietetics Accreditation Support


  • ALVSCE-Metric-Based Research Unit Reviews Dashboard/Process Revamp


  • Extension Personnel and Program Landscape


Who is DST?

The knowledge base of the Planning, Consulting, & Data Solutions Team spans areas including business, engineering, math, information systems, computer science, cognitive science, and linguistics. 

We support the mission areas of, and services in, ALVSCE, including but not limited to: data science, data visualization, financial/business management, personnel management, research administration, student recruitment, student admissions, instruction, federal funding, and our Land Grant mission. 

Brian Berrellez Headshot Brian Berrellez

Director, Intelligence & Data Analytics

Tara Mysak

Analyst, Planning, Consulting, & Data Solutions Team

Gavin Ng

Analyst, Planning, Consulting, & Data Solutions Team