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ALVSCE Business Officers are essential and vital contributors to the Division’s mission and vision. The expectations for these positions are high: professionalism, mastery of work, stewardship and partnership in furtherance of the Division’s strategic goals. Business and operational efficiency and effectiveness are stated goals that we embrace as necessary to achieve the strategic intent and maximize the impact of the Division. ALVSCE Business Officers inspire their unit colleagues to provide outstanding business services to faculty, researchers and staff and they join with their peers to foster public stewardship, accountability, and the highest standards of professional ethics. Continuous professional development, mentoring and raising the performance bar are a core value in ALVSCE.

The Business Resources page has been created to support Business Officers and Unit Heads in a partnership to achieve these goals.

“Be the most effective, efficient, responsive, flexible, and financially sustainable college on campus.”

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Inclusive excellence is the engine that drives the value and practice of diversity and inclusiveness at the University of Arizona. At the center of Inclusive Excellence is the recognition and acceptance of the talents, worldviews, perceptions, cultures and skills that diverse communities bring to the educational enterprise that can be harnessed to prepare students for leading, living and working in a diverse world. Native American, LGBTQ, Asian American, White, Latinx, Black, gender diverse, veterans, people with disabilities, Jewish, Christian, International, Muslim, fraternities and sororities, athletes, alumni and many other communities of students, staff and faculty contribute positively to all dimensions of the university. Every individual and group at UA is a critical component of and contributor to diversity and inclusiveness. Making a difference in diversity, equity, and inclusion at the University of Arizona is how we harness the power of diversity in Every Wildcat, Every Day!

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Required Business Practices are developed through a thoughtful and intensive review of a business activity.  They are established to provide units with a consistent and data-informed approach to business operations. The required practices listed here are specific to ALVSCE, meaning that the Division has determined additional requirements, which must be followed, that exceed the scope of an established University policy.

Please note, these are separate from items listed on the Policies and Forms page, as that page addresses various university operational areas, and are not solely focused on business practices.

If you have questions regarding any Required Business Practice, please reach out to the DBS Rates and Review Team at

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