Federal Property

Request Federal Excess Personal Property (FEPP)

The Federal Excess Personal Property (FEPP) Program loans excess property to the College to support its research and Cooperative Extension missions.  The program is authorized by Public Law 97-98.  Through this program, College units have obtained items such as vehicles, lab and research supplies, farm equipment, furniture, building materials, and even buildings.

All acquisition, transfer, and disposal of federal excess property must be coordinated through the program’s Accountable Property Officer (APO).

Since the University of Arizona is an 1862 Morrill Land Grant University, the College is able to acquire federal excess property as an “affiliate” of the US Department of Agriculture.  All such property is on loan to the College and is under USDA title, accountability and control.  While the property that is acquired is free throughout the loan period, the receiving unit/department pays for the transportation costs to bring the item to the UA, and any renovations, upgrades, repairs, and maintenance to the property.  Property must be properly inventoried, used, and disposed of. 

The program has brought in millions of dollars of resources to support the mission of the College.  Stewardship of federal property is an important ethical responsibility we accept in exchange for the benefit of the program.