Creative Services

The Creative Services team within the ALVSCE Communications & Marketing Office has award-winning designers available to work with you on creating the most effective communications materials to meet your objectives, budget, and schedule.

Project Timelines

Creative Services will work with you to identify commercial print vendors. Printing generally takes 7-10 business days from the date the project is sent to the vendor to delivery, depending on the size and scope of the project.

Outlined below are some potential design timelines (please bear in mind that these are estimates and not definite commitments):

project type timeline
Web/Social Media Graphics 2 weeks
Email Marketing 2 weeks
Reprint (any) 2 weeks
Reprint w/Revisions 3 weeks
Direct Mail 3 weeks
Event Programs (new design) 3 Weeks
Multiple Page Brochure 4 weeks
Newsletter/Invitations/Programs 3 weeks
Posters 3 weeks
Banners 8 weeks
Annual Reports 8 to 10 weeks
Brand Campaigns 10 to 12 weeks
Magazines 8 to 10 weeks
Need It Faster? Check out our ready-made templates for PowerPoint presentations, event fliers, fact sheets, reports, and newsletters.

Other Things To Take Into Account

Rush Jobs

Creative Services will do its best to accommodate rush requests. However, be aware that we may not be able to accept rush jobs when doing so will compromise the schedule of ongoing time-sensitive projects.

Editing & Proofreading

Creative Services does not provide proofreading services. The project requestor is responsible for checking all of the text (spelling, phone numbers, websites, etc.).

Please proofread the submitted content and ensure that everyone who has a voice in the project has reviewed and approved prior to submission. Final text should be provided when opening a job ticket, submitting text after this date may affect the delivery date.

We recommend that you have the Communications & Marketing team review your content prior to submitting a job with Creative Services. Please submit a request

Creative Services Request 

Have a project that requires custom design and thoughtful expertise to reach broader audiences? Fill out our Creative Services Design Project Request form and we will collaborate with you to design creative work that drives impact.

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