Rates & Review

Who We Are

The Rates & Review Team (RRT), housed within ALVSCE Division Business Services (DBS), was established in 2014 to lead the Division in continuous process improvement and business improvement efforts.

Our Vision

To be a collaborative partner, championing best practices and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

How we can support you…

  • Facilitate Lean Improvement Efforts
  • Provide training to unit staff
  • Provide unbiased and professional guidance on managing business challenges
  • Support Rate Study activities
  • Provides temporary office continuity
Desk with accounting items

Resources Matter – We are accountable and transparent, and have an omnipresent responsibility of public stewardship and accountability. We are committed to managing our resources in a way that is consistent with expectations for the Division.

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Ideas Matter – We value innovation, creativity, and resourcefulness. We support data-informed decision-making, and utilize industry best practices and approaches that have proven effective over time.

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Teamwork Matters – We strive to build trust by fostering teamwork, demonstrating open communication, and remaining flexible and adaptable to meet the Division’s needs.

Reach out to the Rates & Review Team - DBS-RatesAndReview@arizona.edu