ALVSCE Quarterly All Available Funds

About ALVSCE All Available Funds

The ALVSCE Quarterly All Available Funds Reporting process provides a standard template across units in ALVSCE.  It serves as a planning and forecasting mechanism to recognize financial opportunities and challenges in advance, allowing for investment or corrective action as needed.  Financial planning should be integrated with the programmatic and academic planning for each unit - not the driving force, but a holistic part of a unit's overall planning.


The one-time exceptional deadline for FY22-Q3 is June 3, 2022.

Ongoing Timeline for Each Quarter

Quarter Start Day for Entries Due Day for Entries Post Day for Snapshots Primary Task for Entries FY 2022 Due Dates
Q1 Second Monday of October Third Friday of October Last Friday of October Updating Current Year Adjustments, Future Year Projections, and Obligations Worksheet Past
Q2 Second Monday of January Third Friday of January Last Friday of January Updating Current Year Adjustments and Obligations Worksheet Past
Q3 Second Monday of April Third Friday of April Last Friday of April Updating Current Year Adjustments and Obligations Worksheet

Entries Due 6/3/2022; Snapshots to Post 6/10/2022

Q4 Second Monday of August Third Friday of August Last Friday of August Updating Obligations Worksheet and Reviewing Future Year Projections Entering Begins 8/8/2022
Entries Due 8/19/2022
Snapshots to Post 8/26/2022

Change Log for Business Offices

This is a listing of changes that have been made to the process and/or the sheets and reports.

Date Category/Item Change(s)
2022-06-13 Snapshots
  • Snapshots for dashboards were taken for FY22-Q3 on 6/13 for minor revisions for all units
2022-06-09 Snapshots
  • Snapshots for dashboards were taken for FY22-Q3 on 6/7 for Counties and 6/9 for Academic units after review.
2022-06-09 Balances Worksheets for Academic Units - Formula Changes
  • FY25 Carryforward for all Academic units except ACBS had to be changed to accommodate that Remaining Obligation Balances should not be included in the calculation, to be aligned with all prior FY calculations.
  • FY25 Included Obligations on Inflows calculation also had to be changed so that it actually pulled FY25 Funding from the Obligations sheet instead of the FY25 Expenses
2022-06-03 Balances Worksheets
  • Columns added for "FYxx Included Obligations" to work in conjunction with the "Add Funding..." and "Add Expenses..." columns from the Obligations worksheet to display how Obligations directly affect the Inflows and Outflows, not just their remaining balance (Effective Balance) offsetting the bottom line (Available Balance).
  • Subtotals have been added to all levels on the new columns
2022-06-03 Obligations Worksheets
  • Columns added, "Add Funding to Inflows" and "Add Expenses to Outflows," were added to allow checking a box on Obligations for new money that should be added to Inflows and expenses that should be subtracted from Outflows. This serves for increased transparency in the Balances worksheet and to reduce time spent on doing manual changes on Adjustments and Projection columns in the Balances worksheet.
  • Subtotals across all levels have been added to aid in viewing Obligations, especially at the unit level and for those with grouped lines / split funding.
2022-06-02 Obligations Worksheet for Academic
  • Unit Head Obligations renamed to Unit Head Priorities in the Balances worksheet, aligning with the Obligations worksheet. Before this change was made, the Obligation Effective Balance amounts were not properly linking to the Balances Worksheet. Once this change was made, the amounts were properly linking as of 4:30pm.
2022-06-01 Obligations Worksheets
  • Budget Balance formulas updated to not display balances until the FY of the Start Date
2022-05-28 Balances Worksheets
  • Carryforward formulas updated to limit to Inflows and Outflows so that amounts for Obligations are not doubled in Carryforward amounts.
2022-05-28 Obligations Worksheets
  • Formulas updated (Obligation Type Parent column added and Obligation Type column updated) to better allow for nesting of Obligations that still will link to the Balances Worksheets.
2022-05-27 Obligations Worksheet for Counties
  • Unit Head Obligations renamed to Unit Head Priorities, to align with new language across all units. Before this change was made, the Obligation Effective Balance amounts were not properly linking to the Balances Worksheet. Once this change was made, the amounts were properly linking.
2022-05-26 Obligations Worksheets
  • Previously-Entered year-based columns greyed-out to prevent confusion with entry.
2022-05-25 -- Announcement --
Launch for FY22-Q3
  • Obligations Worksheet created
  • Previously-entered Obligations data migrated from the Balances Worksheet to the new Obligations Worksheet
  • Balances Worksheet updated so that Obligations are listed by Fund/Subfund rather than itemized by each Obligation
2021-12-07 -- Announcement --
Launch for FY22-Q1
  • Process revamped for FY22, migrating from Adaptive Planning to Smartsheet as a platform


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  • Academic Units: Contact Janis Rutherford or Amanda Stevens
  • County Units: Contact Carolyne Greeno or Belinda Oden

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