Offer Letter Verbiage Inserts

All Offer Letters

To support new employees and embrace the public service responsibilities as a UA employee, ALVSCE requires that all offer letters include the following language.  It is inserted after the paragraph discussing enrollment in benefits but before the paragraph discussing the Immigration Reform Act.

The Division of Agriculture, Life & Veterinary Sciences, & Cooperative Extension takes its public service responsibilities seriously. Employees are required to complete three trainings: 1) an online harassment and discrimination prevention program developed by the UA’s Office of Institutional Equity;  and 2) a public service orientation; and 3) the online Safety Preparedness Training: Active Shooter. Once completed, provide your supervisor or departmental representative with a copy of your certificates of completion from the three orientations within 30 days of employment for inclusion in your personnel file.

In addition, all UA employees, students and volunteers driving on University business must complete: 1) a review of the UA Fleet Safety Policy; and 2) the driving registration process and the defensive driving training prior to being authorized to drive on University business. Drivers of High Occupancy Vehicles (HOVs) must complete additional requirements.


Unit Head Offer Letters (Academic and AES) - Mission Leaders Reporting to the Vice President & Dean

Unit heads are key to the division's success.  ALVSCE requires that the following language be inserted in the offer letters of unit heads for academic or Experiment Station Units (e.g. directors, department heads) after the paragraph explaining position duties.  The appropriate link below should be printed and attached to all unit head offer letters prior to the applicant reviewing the completed document. 

Management is a unique and highly important career track within ALVSCE.  I expect that you will achieve mastery of the competency skillsets in the attached document within 12 months of your start date; the division will facilitate your learning in these areas as requested


Start-up Insert for Faculty Offer Letters 

This offer includes start-up funds of $[total amount of start-up] and are to be expended in accordance with The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences start-up policy and as approved by the yearly budget. The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences will provide $[35% of total start-up] of your start-up funds for the purchases of eligible equipment, supplies, and for technical support. The remaining $[65% of total start-up] of your start-up funds will be provided by the [Department/School] for the purchases of eligible equipment, supplies, and for technical support. You will be advised on the procedures to be followed in obtaining the equipment. Ownership of this equipment will remain with the University and must be returned when requested or at such time you leave University



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