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Graduate Salary Floor Stipends

The Division of Agriculture Life and Veterinary Sciences and Cooperative Extension is committed to ensuring our Graduate Assistants and Associates are compensated appropriately and adjust this salary floor based on the Consumer Price Index. Below are the base stipend requirements for all Graduate employees based on a .50FTE on an Academic contract, adjustment should be made based on Fiscal appointment and/or FTE (.25, .33, .50 and .66). The base stipend amount will be adjusted every fiscal year for the upcoming Academic or Fiscal year.

Current Year: 

Classified Staff Policy Manual

Career Conversations

GA Manual

Student Worker Manual

NetID+ Policy

Cyber security underpins every aspect of our daily work at the University. Threats to cyber security can seriously undermine our collective efforts and expose our most sensitive information. Therefore, we must do our best to protect our information, and this includes safeguarding our NetID password by utilizing a security enhancement that the University offers: NetID Plus (NetID+).

A compromised NetID password can lead to breaches of:

Data Stewardship Responsibilities

Sensitive Data is data whose unauthorized disclosure may have serious adverse effects on the university’s reputation, resources, services, or individuals.  Sensitive Data includes social security numbers, credit card information, and anything else that can be used to facilitate identity theft.  It also includes federally protected data such as student information and medical information, as well as passwords, account information, restricted data, and any other unique identification.  UA faculty and staff are responsible for protecting sensitive data to which they have authorized access, as

Surplus Property Proceeds

All surplus property must be acquired, used, tracked, and disposed in accordance with the policies found in the UA Property Management Manual.  Individual units are responsible for submitting their UA-owned property and equipment through the Surplus Property Office's online system.

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