CALES Procedure for Graduate Student Issues

The Graduate College oversees the Graduate Faculty policy and policies guiding graduate education; in many cases it is appropriate for the Graduate Student, Graduate Faculty, or Graduate Staff (Director of Graduate Studies (DGS), Graduate Coordinate (GC)) to directly reach out to the Graduate College. However, in some cases, it is more appropriate to first reach out to the Program Chairs (Department Head/School Director) or the College (Assistant Dean, Associate Dean, and Dean) before contacting the Graduate College.

Research Professors: Workload & Funding

Research professors (all ranks) are research-focused faculty who are funded from the grants, contracts, and research-related revenues that they generate. Ten percent (not more without the consent of the Dean) of a research professor’s personnel costs will be funded from the unit. This gives service time for the research professor to write new grants, serve on unit committees, participate in unfunded scholarly work, or perform other faculty duties. Unit heads have the responsibility to ensure compliance.



Partner Hire Process

Please reference the following on procedural guidance for hiring a partner when a finalist (primary candidate desired) requests the partner be provided a position as terms of acceptance. The decision to pursue a partner hire rests with the college Dean in collaboration with the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs and Associate Vice President for Finance and Administration. 

Take into Consideration:

Professor of Practice (POP) Appointments

Prompted by the Provost’s Career Track equity review, and following discussions with several unit heads, Mike Staten, Jean McLain, and Janis Rutherford, we will begin enforcing the CATE Guidance

Faculty Senate Leadership Workload Adjustments

Faculty members who serve in leadership positions on Faculty Senate receive an increase of 15% to their Service workload category for the period of their leadership service.  Workload reverts to their pre-Senate allocations at the conclusion of their leadership service.


Prior to implementing this change to Service, unit leaders must formally request an increase to Service above 10%, approved by the Dean.  The offsetting workload reduction will be taken either from their research, Extension, or teaching area, depending upon the type of faculty member, as outlined below. 

Graduate Student Minimum Base Pay Rates

The Division of Agriculture Life and Veterinary Sciences and Cooperative Extension is committed to ensuring our Graduate Assistants and Associates are compensated appropriately and at a highly competitive level. Provost Folks’ has set a new minimum starting Fall 2022 of $20,000 per year for a 9 month, 0.50FTE stipend.

Off-Cycle Pay Requests

Prevent off-cycle pay requests

Our employees are valuable.  The most fundamental thing we can do is pay them correctly and on-time for the work they do.  Off-cycle pay requests must be avoided and prevented.  As such the following steps must be followed by business staff in ALVSCE. 

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