Human Resources (HR)

Faculty Senate Leadership Workload Adjustments

Faculty members who serve in leadership positions on Faculty Senate receive an increase of 15% to their Service workload category for the period of their leadership service.  Workload reverts to their pre-Senate allocations at the conclusion of their leadership service.


Prior to implementing this change to Service, unit leaders must formally request an increase to Service above 10%, approved by the Dean.  The offsetting workload reduction will be taken either from their research, Extension, or teaching area, depending upon the type of faculty member, as outlined below. 

Graduate Salary Floor Stipends

The Division of Agriculture Life and Veterinary Sciences and Cooperative Extension is committed to ensuring our Graduate Assistants and Associates are compensated appropriately and adjust this salary floor based on the Consumer Price Index. Below are the base stipend requirements for all Graduate employees based on a .50FTE on an Academic contract, adjustment should be made based on Fiscal appointment and/or FTE (.25, .33, .50 and .66). The base stipend amount will be adjusted every fiscal year for the upcoming Academic or Fiscal year.

Current Year: 

Off-Cycle Pay Requests

Prevent off-cycle pay requests

Our employees are valuable.  The most fundamental thing we can do is pay them correctly and on-time for the work they do.  Off-cycle pay requests must be avoided and prevented.  As such the following steps must be followed by business staff in ALVSCE. 

Vacancy Savings

Position vacancy savings either remain with the unit or revert to CALS/CES depending upon the type of position that was vacated.  CALS/CES vacancy savings are budgeted for and reinvested annually into new faculty, critical hires, and strategic areas.  Due to separate state line item budgets, CALS/CES savings will automatically flow to either the Teaching & Research or Cooperative Extension accounts, as appropriate, to maintain budgetary separation of the line items.

Faculty and Staff Consensus Statement on Collegiality

The Importance of Collegiality to the Quality of the Workplace Environment
Division of Agriculture, Life and Veterinary Sciences, and Cooperative Extension

Collegiality is the cooperative interaction among colleagues where individuals work productively, and interact with civility with faculty, students, staff members, and stakeholders in all environments impacted by the university.

Presence at Work (PAW), Exempt Employees

To ensure all exempt employees have a comfort using the time sheet system (UAccess Employee), exempt employees are strongly encouraged to report presence at work (PAW) on their time sheets.  PAW does not route for supervisor approval.  This best practice is one way to mitigate concerns associated with common time reporting issues, such as Family Medical Leave, vacation, and sick leave.

Postdoctoral Salary Threshold

Effective July 1, 2017, all current and newly hired Postdoctoral Research Associates must be hired at or increased to the new minimum annualized salary of $47,659, prorated by FTE.  Postdoc appointments are only renewable up to five (5) years, whereupon their employment as a postdoc at the UA terminates.  Please consult with your assigned Human Resources Consultant if you have any questions. 

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