Compensation Adjustments (Merit, Market, Retention, and Equity)

The Executive Council (EC) is responsible for overseeing all compensation programs. Regardless the adjustment process, it uses the following definitions.

  • Merit: consistent performance at the highest level relative to unit colleagues. Unit heads must be able to identify what constitutes meritorious performance clearly, specifically, and demonstrate and justify this to their employees and the EC—this must include any and all non-arbitrary and non-capricious subjective or objective data and so may include APR scores, evidence provided in annual reviews, and any other factors unit heads use in each specific decision. 
    • Faculty Positions: there are no "off-cycle" Merit requests. Only allowed a Merit increase during University lead programs such as Salary Increase Program. Need to be reviewed and approved by the Provost. 
    • Staff Positions: must adhere to Compensation Administration Guidelines - page 9
  • Market: comparison to peer programs inside/outside the University based on discipline peers of same rank, service length, performance, etc. 
    • Faculty Positions: for any "off-cycle" request, this needs to be reviewed by the Provost. 
    • Staff Positions: all Market analysis are completed by UA-Compensation who will adjust pay scales accordingly. Units would not submit transactions for Market unless in relations to UA-Compensation adjustments. 
  • Retention: Retention requests must be accompanied by a written offer from a comparable organization. 
  • Equity: consideration of salary equity is based on multiple federal laws.  ALVSCE has performed an annual Equity Review on faculty pay in coordination with the University Division of Human Resources since 2014.  Beginning in 2020, the University has taken on the responsibility for equity analysis.

Annual Faculty Merit Process and Annual AP/Staff Merit Process: ALVSCE has instituted annual merit processes for both Faculty and Staff for employees who are funded from Division budgets (see below for process documents).  In the spring of every year, after unit and personnel performance reviews, Division Business Services will contact unit leaders for merit nominations.  Approved adjustments will be effective July 1 (fiscal employees) or the start of the academic year (9-month employees) of the subsequent fiscal year unless otherwise approved.


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