CALS Tenure/Continuing Home Transfer Between Units

Procedure for faculty to transfer their tenure/continuing home from one academic unit to another CALS unit. This is expected to be a very rare event.

  1. Faculty officially request the transfer in a single memorandum to departing and receiving unit heads and the dean with a rationale why a transfer is good for the units, college and UA; or a faculty member agrees to a transfer request from the dean in writing based on administrative rationale as to why this is good for the units, college and UA.
  2. The departing and receiving unit heads must write separate memoranda to the dean in support of, or in opposition to, the transfer. The memoranda should document:
    1. The disposition of all applicable resource issues, such as office and lab space, research or other equipment, accounts that might be delegated to faculty member, computers, etc., and agree to the treatment of the budget line. 
    2. In the case of a faculty line moving between two CALS units, the precedent and practice is that the college budget will move with the faculty member from unit to unit. 
    3. Memoranda should also describe why and how academic and curricular integrity of both units will be maintained, how departing unit will not be harmed, and how the receiving unit will be positively impacted by the transfer.
  3. The faculty of the receiving unit must use their normal faculty governance process to decide whether or not to formally endorse the transfer and then the faculty must send a memorandum to the receiving unit’s administrative head with their decision. This memorandum need contain no justification but must contain the number of for and against votes.
  4. All materials must be collated into a single PDF packet by the receiving unit head and sent to the dean for review, changes and final endorsement. In cases of dissenting opinions, the dean will make the final decision consistent with the UA Guidelines for Shared Governance Memorandum of Understanding and 2016 Arizona Revised Statutes: Title 15 – Education § 15-1601 State universities; location; faculty powers.
  5. If/once endorsed by the dean, this packet is sent to the provost for review and endorsement. The administrative unit heads and the faculty member will be notified at the time the packet is sent.
  6. If endorsed by the provost and returned to the dean, the packet is used by the receiving unit’s business officer to update MSS with the change in tenure/continuing home department, and websites, etc. are updated. The administrative unit heads and the faculty member will be notified at this time that the endorsed transfer is returned to the dean. 


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