Engagement Survey 2018


Our division has hired TalentKeepers to conduct our 2018 Employee Engagement Survey. This is a direct result of some of the feedback you provided us about previous surveys. We are also consolidating our efforts and combining the division-wide Employee Engagement Survey from February 2017 with the Cooperative Extension Climate Survey of Summer 2016 and Fall 2017.

The survey period was September 10th-21st

The Employee Engagement Survey is your opportunity to share your thoughts about what is going well, and what could use some improvement. Results from this survey will directly impact the way your unit is run, and how things are changed and improved in the coming year. Share your thoughts, and help us make this the most sought-after place to be for employees!

We have received some common questions during the administration of this survey, so check out our FAQs for answers to the most frequently asked questions.


TalentKeepers delivered reports for every leader that received a minimum of 3 responses.  The leaders you roll up to are responsible for sharing the results and information contained in those reports with you and the rest of their team.

The ALVSCE Division-wide report can be found here:

Leaders: If you were unable to attend one of the 3 scheduled TalentKeepers Leaders Webinars in which our consultants from TalentKeepers presented ALVSCE's results and how to read, understand, and present your own results to your teams, you can view the recording from one of the recorded sessions here (11/28 session is recommended):

Download the slide deck from the presentations here:

Task Forces

Three task forces were formed to address the three priority areas identified by the employee engagement survey.  They are composed of individuals from across the division with as broad a view of the division as possible.

Fairness & Transparency of Policies, Processes, and Procedure

Training & Development

Leadership Coaching & Career Development


Prior Communications

Contact Us

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, you can direct them to the leaders of our survey initiative: Heather Roberts-Wrenn and Dominic Rodriguez. 

Heather Roberts-Wrenn
Assistant Director, Organizational Effectiveness
Phone: (520) 621-9168

Dominic Rodriguez
Chief Operations Officer
Phone: (520) 626-4921