Merit Increase Eligibility & APRs

If an employee is ineligible for a merit adjustment because a required annual performance evaluation has not been completed, his/her supervisor and unit head are also not eligible for merit increases.  Please note that University policy requires an annual performance review for all benefits-eligible staff and appointed personnel (including post-docs).  Additional information on performance appraisals from Human Resources can be found here.

Hiring Process

Hiring the best candidate to meet the strategic goals of a unit and the Division has never been more important.  The best way to hire a great candidate is to ensure you have a diverse and strong candidate pool.

Please reference the following procedural guidance for information on designing the position, search process, search committee, active recruitment techniques, and hiring process guidance.  The Hiring & Onboarding page also has many resources for the process that should be referenced.


Effective Date for Personnel Actions

To the greatest extent possible, all personnel actions should be implemented on the first day of a pay period.

Caretaker Residential Agreements

Specific positions within ALVSCE may require an employee to live on and/or in UA property .  By the nature of these positions, they are rare and must be approved by Division administration prior to an offer letter with residential occupancy being made.  An approval for one position does not mean that all similar positions will be approved - each scenario and position is unique.  Seek the guidance of Business Services each time your unit wishes to explore this option.  

Academic Advisor Career Ladder and Compensation Structure

Advisors are a critical element in student success and retention.  Historically, academic advising has been performed by a wide variety of personnel, including faculty, who often have many other job duties in addition to advising students.  In 2017 the University of Arizona committed to make professional academic advising more consistent across all academic units.  The Vice Provost for Academic Affairs has established new guidelines for academic advising positions, a well-defined career path for academic advisors, and accompanying salary ranges.

Compensation Adjustments (Merit, Market, and Equity)

The Executive Council (EC) is responsible for overseeing all compensation programs. Regardless the adjustment process, it uses the following definitions.

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