Reporting Vehicle Accidents & Citations

The link immediately below defines the driving provisions and accident reporting obligations of all persons who may be involved in a business-related vehicle accident.  University policy requires the reporting of accidents involving personal vehicles where damage or injury occurred in the course of University business. 

All persons who drive on university business, regardless if in a personal or university vehicle, must register through an online driver registration system – click here for registration.  Many employees are already registered, but please double check your status.

Accidents occurring while in the course of university business should be reported to the following departments/individuals as soon as possible.  Reporting deadlines apply, and failure to comply could result in suspension of university driving privileges, and/or disciplinary action under the policy.

  1. Report all accidents to the applicable responding law enforcement agency and request a police report be taken.  What seems like minor accidents can result in claims against the UA later on.  Police reports provide an accurate documentation of an incident.
  2. Risk Management Services
  3. Driver’s immediate supervisor
  4. If one of the vehicles involved in the accident was federal excess property, the CALS Accountable Property Officer (APO) should also be notified (APO can be found on the Contacts page).

Employees should immediately notify their supervisor of changes in driving status such as citations, license suspensions or revocations.


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Friday, January 16, 2015