Vacancy Savings

Position vacancy savings either remain with the unit or revert to CALS/CES depending upon the type of position that was vacated.  CALS/CES vacancy savings are budgeted for and reinvested annually into new faculty, critical hires, and strategic areas.  Due to separate state line item budgets, CALS/CES savings will automatically flow to either the Teaching & Research or Cooperative Extension accounts, as appropriate, to maintain budgetary separation of the line items.

  • Unit Savings: vacant staff lines funded with budgeted dollars (accounts 12xxxxx and 13xxxxx) from the unit are retained by the unit.
  • CALS/CES Savings: vacant faculty lines funded with budgeted dollars revert to CALS/CES.  Also, in special cases that are usually documented in offer letters, vacant University Staff positions that were funded by CALS/CES with budgeted dollars revert to CALS/CES.  Examples of these special cases include, but are not limited to, spousal hires and unit head hiring commitments..


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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Date Policy Revised (If Applicable)

Thursday, January 10, 2019