NetID+ Policy

Cyber security underpins every aspect of our daily work at the University. Threats to cyber security can seriously undermine our collective efforts and expose our most sensitive information. Therefore, we must do our best to protect our information, and this includes safeguarding our NetID password by utilizing a security enhancement that the University offers: NetID Plus (NetID+).

A compromised NetID password can lead to breaches of:

  • Personal information such as direct deposit account routing, tax documents, Social Security Numbers, and password resets to other systems.
  • Institutional information like sensitive research data, business transactions, website defacement, intellectual property and corporate espionage; all of which weakens our competitiveness for federal grants.
  • Student information protected under FERPA, which can have legal and financial consequences for both the employee and institution.

The University has instituted options to enhance cyber security that align with industry best practices. Universities pose unique risks to security due to their culture of data sharing, open access, and distributed structures.

After significant discussions and review with the CALS NetManagers, members of the Deans’ Information Technology Council, and UITS, the Division will require all active employees to enroll in NetID+. NetID+ prompts the user for secondary confirmation prior to accessing University systems protected by UA WebAuth. This affects services such as Email, UAccess, VPN, Box, and access to other common systems. This policy is effective February 24, 2017.

DCCs, volunteers, retirees, and CALS students are exempt from this policy, but are strongly encouraged to enroll in NetID+. The Division network is only as strong as the weakest link.

To enroll in NetID+, go to or ask your IT Support Personnel, listed at Additionally, you can contact 24.7 IT Help Desk at 520-621-4357

For more background information about NetID Plus, please visit

How-to’s can be found at or on YouTube at


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Date Policy Created

Tuesday, January 24, 2017