Directors and Heads

Carryforward State Funds

Units and Associate Deans are encouraged to prioritize the spending of state funds first to avoid unnecessarily large state balances when there is no specific savings plan.  Large state balances should not occur given the dire economic needs for resources, and they send the wrong message to our stakeholders.

Academic Program Review Support

Academic Program Review Support


The division will support up to $5,000 for academic program review (APR) honorariums for external reviewers - $1,000 per external reviewer.  Provost guidance limits the number of external reviewers to five.  The Dean’s office will provide a list annually to DBS of the units that are scheduled for an APR, and DBS will automatically transfer the funds to the appropriate units, along with notification to the business officer.


Offer Letter Verbiage Inserts

All Offer Letters

To support new employees and embrace the public service responsibilities as a UA employee, ALVSCE requires that all offer letters include the following language.  It is inserted after the paragraph discussing enrollment in benefits but before the paragraph discussing the Immigration Reform Act.

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