Directors and Heads

NetID+ Policy

Cyber security underpins every aspect of our daily work at the University. Threats to cyber security can seriously undermine our collective efforts and expose our most sensitive information. Therefore, we must do our best to protect our information, and this includes safeguarding our NetID password by utilizing a security enhancement that the University offers: NetID Plus (NetID+).

A compromised NetID password can lead to breaches of:

Data Stewardship Responsibilities

Sensitive Data is data whose unauthorized disclosure may have serious adverse effects on the university’s reputation, resources, services, or individuals.  Sensitive Data includes social security numbers, credit card information, and anything else that can be used to facilitate identity theft.  It also includes federally protected data such as student information and medical information, as well as passwords, account information, restricted data, and any other unique identification.  UA faculty and staff are responsible for protecting sensitive data to which they have authorized access, as

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) play an important and growing role in agriculture and natural resource teaching, resource, and extension work.  The University of Arizona is developing processes and policies to ensure that this new technology is used safely and in a way that protects the interests of the University.  Prior to the purchase of any UAV by an ALVSCE unit or employee, read and follow the attached memorandum. 

Surplus Property Proceeds

All surplus property must be acquired, used, tracked, and disposed in accordance with the policies found in the UA Property Management Manual.  Individual units are responsible for submitting their UA-owned property and equipment through the Surplus Property Office's online system.

Startup Commitments

Startup funds are temporary in nature and meant to serve as “seed” funding for new faculty members.  Startup funds must be documented in the offer letter and affirmatively approved by the college, and possibly the Provost and Senior Vice President for Research, during the hiring process.

Search Expenses, Directors/Department Heads

The college will fund pre-hire search expenses up to $8,000 for directors and department heads that report to the Dean.  This amount was determined after a review of the amounts offered by other colleges at the UA.  Funding is on a reimbursement basis and it is the unit's responsibility to request reimbursement and provide an appropriate accounting of the expenses.  Requests for reimbursement must be made and transferred in the fiscal year in which the spending occurred, unless an exception is granted by Business Services.  Search committees can certainly spend more than th

External Advisory Councils Agreement

The division of ALVSCE utilizes advisory councils to solicit input and connect itself to stakeholders.  These councils are advisory only.  They cannot make managerial or budgetary decisions for the UA, nor obligate or formally represent the UA.  Linked is an approved agreement for UA leaders to explain to their council members the charge and limitations of council service.  Signed agreements should be maintained by the leader for as long as the council member has an affiliation, official or unofficial, with the council. 

Reporting Vehicle Accidents & Citations

The link immediately below defines the driving provisions and accident reporting obligations of all persons who may be involved in a business-related vehicle accident.  University policy requires the reporting of accidents involving personal vehicles where damage or injury occurred in the course of University business. 

Meal and Alcohol Guidelines

In order to advance business and development goals there are times when the purchase of meals or alcohol is necessary. The guidelines at the link below are in addition to and shall not supersede existing reimbursement policies and requirements.  We must all be sensitive to our stewardship obligations when state or donated funds are expended. All expenses must have an identified budget source and be approved by the unit head in concept prior to spending.


Farm Sales Activities

Farming and ranching are fundamental to the Division's ability to deliver on our Land Grant mission.  As such, the production of crops, animals, or other mission related products or by-products, including alfalfa, beef, cotton, etc. may be sold to wholesalers, retailers, or to the public so long as the sale of these goods or services are in conformance with ABOR Policy 1-105 Competition with Private Enterprise.

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