Planning, Consulting, & Data Solutions Team

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The Planning, Consulting, & Data Solutions Team (also known as DST) provides business intelligence and analytics to the Division and its decision makers. 


The goals for DST include but are not limited to:

  • Create predictive analyses and models with forecasts across areas

  • Collaborate with stakeholders and clients to accomplish the mission and objectives of the division
  • Make recommendations to leadership regarding the organization and missions
  • Enhance business processes for increased efficiency
  • Train and educate employees to empower them

Utilize Experience, Knowledge, and a Variety of Tools

The Team has over 30 years of combined experience in the fields of business, data science, and analytics. The knowledge base of the Team spans areas such as business, personnel, research, student recruitment, student admissions, instruction, federal funding, Land Grant missions, and communication. The Team utilizes a variety of tools for reporting/visualization, statistics, communication, databases, and process evaluation. 

Provide Meaningful Insight

The Team makes evaluations, creates insight from complex data sets, and provides meaningful analyses to inform and empower decision-making. This is accomplished by creating a partnership with clients and using quantitative and analytical tools, knowledge of human interaction with data and technology, knowledge of policies and processes, and interpretations of data. 


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