CALS Teaching Assistant (TA) Distribution Toolkit



The toolkit is comprised of three components (Calculation Dashboard; Service Courses Tracker; Final Distribution Decisions) to aid in the calculation, distribution, and cost estimates on Common Costs of Teaching Assistants (TA) for the upcoming Academic Year.  For methodology information, please see the Guidance & Definitions section.


01/19/24:  To be updated to reflect changes in methodology.

This dashboard is to be updated once each Academic Year as soon as the Spring Census numbers are published (around late February / early March, each year).

Last snapshot taken of course data: February 24, 2022

Last update to materials: March 7, 2022

TA Calculation Logic

For each instance of teaching, by Term Code and Session, aggregate by primary course (comprised of all cross-listing) and the corresponding primary instructor by Course Section.  The measure being aggregated in Enrollment for TA Calc which is the number of students (e.g., headcount or enrollment count) adjusted by the Workload Factor as entered in UAccess Student by the Academic Units. A "floor" aggregation is done in order to adhere to the rule that for every 60 students, not rounding, a TA is assigned. 

{FIXED [Academic Year], [Term Code], [Course Catalog Listing - Primary], [Session], [Course Section], [Primary Instructor], [Instructor Coll] :
(INT(FLOOR(SUM([Enrollment for TA Calc])/60)))}


The TA Calculation Logic includes the following parameters.

  • Semesters = Fall; Spring
  • General Education Courses Flag = Y
  • Services Courses Flag = Y
  • Course Campus = Main; iCourse
  • Course Career = Undergraduate

The TA Calculation Logic leads to the following results:

Logic Course Enrollment Min Course Enrollment Max TA Count Assigned
Less Than or Equal To Min 60   0
Between Min and Max 61 120 1
Between Min and Max 121 180 2
Between Min and Max 181 240 3
Between Min and Max 241 300 4
Between Min and Max 301 360 5
Between Min and Max 361 420 6
Between Min and Max 421 480 7


  1. General Education Courses: All courses with Catalog Numbers that begin with 150, 160, or 170
  2. Service Courses: Courses that are deemed as a general service to undergraduate service in the same regard as General Education Courses as agreed-upon between the Academic Unit and CAS and documented int he Service Courses Tracker
  3. MIC: Microbiology service courses, listed as a separate quasi Academic Unit
  4. MCB: Molecular and Cellular Biology service courses, listed as a separate quasi Academic Unit

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Final Distribution Decisions