Summer Fun: Engaging with Employees

Aug. 29, 2019

The engagement team has been busy over the summer!

Task Forces

Since their inception in February, the three Employee Engagement Task Forces have been hard at work analyzing data from the 2018 Employee Engagement Survey and developing targeted improvements.  Each task force was created based on the data from the survey indicating an area of opportunity for the Division.  Thank you to volunteer task force members for their work!

Training & Development

This team is focused on creating a culture of professional development and continuous learning.  They have created a submission box and request your thoughts to improve training and development in the division.  If you haven’t given your suggestions yet, click here to provide your thoughts.

Fairness & Transparency of Policies, Processes, and Procedure

The Survey indicated that communication of policies and processes could be improved.  This team conducted a thorough analysis of both the Survey concerns and the various communication methods within the division and has developed an extensive list of recommendations.  We will include their final report on the Engagement Survey 2018 webpage when we receive it in September.

Leadership Coaching & Career Development

Developing our leaders into superior coaches was identified by the Survey as an area of opportunity.  This team took a broad view of their charge and provided recommendations under multiple focus areas including training and development, coaching for new leaders, and team building.  See their full report here.  Dominic and Heather are working on developing and implementing some of their actionable recommendations, including an ALVSCE management training program.

Employee Engagement Survey

ALVSCE has administered a survey every year since 2016.  After listening to your feedback, and the feedback of your shared governance representatives, the Dean has approved reducing the frequency of our surveys.  Employees are asked to complete a great number of surveys and the division wants to reduce its contribution to “survey fatigue.”  Additionally, there is plenty of information for the engagement leaders to work on for multiple years.  2020 is tentatively scheduled for the next Employee Engagement Survey, but please share your feedback anytime through the ALVSCE Grapevine.

As the task force teams move forward, you will receive periodic updates about what is going on and how the division is implementing your feedback.


Heather Roberts-Wrenn
Assistant Director, Organizational Effectiveness
Phone: (520) 621-9168

Dominic Rodriguez
Chief Operations Officer
Phone: (520) 626-4921