ALVSCE Diversity and Inclusion Council-Resources


Below we provide a variety of resources to help you ensure you create and maintain an inclusive and equitable environment in your unit.

In order to make ALVSCE the most sought-after place to be part of for all employees, students, alumni, and residents of Arizona, our division encourages the use of the Diversity field in UA Vitae for all faculty.  The ALVSCE Diversity and Inclusion Council has drafted the linked rubric to help faculty members and unit heads create and evaluate efforts and activities in this area.

If you have further questions about what you could do to meet and exceed expectations in this area, you can reach out to the D&I Council member from your unit, your unit head, or the Chair of the D&I Council.

Structural inequalities in the financial system cause often result in people from minority groups to pay more for financial products and services, and others simply do not have much access to financial literacy education. The following links address these inequalities and provide solutions with a greater goal of inclusivity.