ALVSCE Diversity and Inclusion Council-About

Our Council

Our Council is made up of members representing ALVSCE's students, faculty, staff and administration. We have employees from different types of appointments, minorities from various social identities, and students.

We have been tasked with leading the division's efforts to make it a more diverse and inclusive place to work, learn, teach, and grow.

We do this by:

  • Creating and carrying out our Inclusive Excellence Action Plan
  • Developing and revising policies that will increase the diversity and inclusiveness of both our faculty and student body
  • Staying apprised of issues dealing with equity and other matters equally important to our faculty, staff and students
  • Hosting speakers to talk about various topics in the realm of diversity and inclusion
  • Coordinating trainings to enhance knowledge and understanding, and advocating for underrepresented groups

Our goals include:

  • Highlighting the value of diversity and inclusion
  • Promoting change through education
  • Recognizing accomplishments in diversity
  • Transferring ideas into action

Current Members

Faculty & Staff Members

  • Aranguren, Maria del Carmen, Communications & Cyber Technologies
  • Armstong Florian, Traci, Maricopa Cooperative Extension
  • Broneck, Kathy, Animal, and Comparative Biomedical Sciences
  • Brusseau, Mark, Environmental Science
  • Cortez, Teresa, Career and Academic Services
  • Curran, Melissa, Family Consumer Sciences
  • Hall, Caitlyn, Biosystems Engineering
  • Kaczowka, Angela, Ag Education, Tech & Innovation
  • Korte, Erin, Division Business Services
  • Matzkin, Luciano, Entomology
  • Ocansey, Nita, Nutritional Sciences & Wellness
  • Ratje, Jeff, Division Business Services
  • Rodriguez-Lorta, Nancy, Career and Academic Services
  • Romero, Eva, Arizona Cooperative Extension
  • Rosemartin, Alyssa, Natural Resources & the Environment
  • Verdolin, Jennifer, Natural Resources & the Environment


ALVSCE D&I Council Charter


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