Worried About Returning To The Workplace?

If you are at higher risk for severe illness from COVID-19 or have related concerns, then we strongly encourage you to initiate a discussion about possible temporary modified work conditions (with associated modified work expectations as appropriate) with your manager/supervisor as soon as possible. Managers/supervisors are encouraged to work with employees to develop flexible work arrangements to the extent that operational needs allow it. It is prohibited for managers/supervisors to retaliate on the basis of an employee requesting and/or being assigned temporary modified work conditions. 

If, after talking with your manager/supervisor, you would like support with developing temporary modified work conditions based on being at higher risk for serious illness from COVID-19 or because of related concerns, you can:

  • Discuss options with the Disability Resource Center (DRC) if your concerns relate to your own medical condition or disability. The DRC can be reached at workplaceaccess@email.arizona.edu (ph: 520-621-3268 ). Note that the DRC may ask for medical documentation in order to assess reasonable accommodation. Medical information will be maintained at the DRC and kept confidential. 
  • Discuss options with Human Resources if you have other risk-factors or related concerns (e.g., caregiver concerns) and you would like support in working with your manager/supervisor to identify possible temporary modified work conditions or arrangements. Requests for help with developing a plan related to other risk-factors can be directed to HR by contacting HR-COVID19-Questions@email.arizona.edu (ph: 520-621-3660).  

Despite our best efforts to provide temporary modified work conditions, we recognize that not all job functions can be accomplished without in-person engagement. In such cases, we ask that managers/supervisors contact their designated human resources consultant in HR or HR-COVID19-Questions@email.arizona.edu (ph: 520-621-3660) for help.

Taken from June 5 Memo from the Office of the Provost.