ASEMS Academic Information


This report includes all students with an active ASEMS student group.  The purpose is to identify students who may need additional help academically. 


  • cGPA = Cumulative GPA, GPA for all terms

  • Term GPA = GPA for a particular term

  • STEM Course = Any course taught in Agriculture that does not have a subject code of FSHD, AGTM, or AREC, or is taught by the colleges of Engineering, Science or Medicine.

  • GenEd Course = Any course with a GenEd flag.



Note: 1) It might take a few seconds for the system to prepare the data to be downloaded.
Note: 2) A dialog box will appear in the center of the dashboard to confirm the Download; you may need to scroll back up to the dashboard to click Download.

More Information

  1. Scroll to the report section
  2. Click the Sign in to TABOR BI button in the middle of the report section
  3. When/if prompted, select The University of Arizona as the institution, check to "Remember my choice," and click the Select button
  4. Sign-in using your usual NetID credentials
  5. If you do not have permissions to view the data but would like to request it, please send a ticket to the Planning, Consulting, and Data Solutions Team

This dashboard is for you, so your feedback to make it better is always welcomed and appreciated.  Please feel free to reach out to the Planning, Consulting, and Data Solutions Team.