Instruction Revenue - Non-Traditional (Summer/Winter and Distributed Education)


This dashboard provides revenue data on what are typically termed Non-Traditional (e.g., Fall/Spring on Main Campus, previously called RCM Revenue) Revenue Streams: Summer/Winter, UA Online, Distance Education, Community Campus, and Global Direct.

Revenue Last Updated

The data was last updated: June 17, 2022 for to-date 2022 numbers

Data Sources:

  • Global/Micro - General Ledger entries from the UArizona data warehouse (EPM) using a simple query developed by ALVSCE Data Solutions
  • Summer/Winter/Distance Education - Revenue data from UAccess Analytics RCM dashboards, combining all snapshots and revenue streams
  • Manual rewrite rule added for Course Unit Label for ENTO for Distributed-All (e.g., UA Online, Community/Distance) so that ENTO courses remap from Graduate College to Entomology (data source rule was added to the dashboard on June 17, 2022)

Future Enhancements:

  • Distribution Fiscal Year vs Academic Year vs Fiscal Year
  • Estimation of 1% and 2% (Distance, Online) non-payment buffer (to include in calcs)
  • Estimation of margin of error at +2% (to include in calcs)
  • Addition of Global/Micro for other colleges
  • View selector for line or stacked bar rather than displaying at the same time


Note: When clicking the button above, a dialog in the dashboard will appear in the dashboard to confirm/proceed with your download.