Core Prioritization


The Core Prioritization dashboard is created to review the positions that comprise the core expenses within CALS in accordance with the Core definition (view definitions below).  Note: This is a snapshot from as of February 2021 using the indicated snapshot from that Fiscal Year.

Visit the Core Prioritization Worksheet to enter your comments and revise figures.

View the Definitions in the accordion below.


How to Use the Dashboard

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  • The tabs at the top can be used to select different views
  • Use the filters in the right-hand pane to limit the results further

Questions & Concerns

  • If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to Janis Rutherford


CALS Core Definition

Expenditures critical to the college without which we would fail to function and violate compliance requirements.

CALS Core Budget Categories

Tenured Professors
Tenure Track Professors
Teaching Assistants/Associates
Academic Advisors
Unit and College required support costs including research embeds, research bridge funding, student recruiters and marketing (including websites), strategic investment pools for startup packages and cross-unit programs, financial and HR compliance, external and internal communications, development and donor relations, land grant program administration and compliance, required processing like P&T and faculty affairs, etc.
Graduate Research Assistants
AES Subsidy (not recoverable through self-funded activities)

Data Information

The data is from the Labor Ledger for Period 06 (December) in the last pay period.  

Default Filters

The default filters are set so that you can see the results of an initial pass on Core Prioritization for CALS.

Units by Job or Account Attribute

The Unit Group and Unit Label is dependent on either the Job (employee- and position-based) or the Account (financial-based).  Filters are labeled accordingly.  



A dialog box will appear in the dashboard to confirm the Download; you may need to scroll back up to the dashboard to click Download.

A dialog box will appear in the dashboard to confirm the Download; you may need to scroll back up to the dashboard to change content options and download the PDF.


  • Initial publishing of the dashboard