ALVSCE Faculty Employee FTE Snapshots

How to Access the Dashboard

  1. Scroll to the report section
  2. Click the blue Sign in to ABOR BI button in the middle of the report section
  3. When/if prompted, select "The University of Arizona" as the institution, check to "Remember my choice," and click the Select button
  4. Sign-in using your usual NetID credentials
  5. If you do not have permissions to view the data but would like to request it, please send a ticket to the Planning, Consulting, and Data Solutions Team

About the Data

Snapshot at the end of April (last Pay Period) of each Fiscal Year.  For the current numbers, please see the Workforce Summaries dashboard.

When things are added, removed or changed, it will be described below (most recent changed will be listed first). Note: this list might be truncated as revisions continue, and truncated items will be archived somewhere else.


  1. Update: Dashboard was officially launched on 10/15/2021.
  2. Update: Data was updated on 10/18/2021.
  3. Update: Data was updated on 12/15/2022 to include FY22 for April 17, 2022 snapshot.
    1. Added additional filters for Tenure and Mission/Area
    2. Updated color scheme to UA Brand

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