ALVSCE Difference Makers Nomination

People love stories. They change the world.

I am inspired by your stories, especially these days. These stories tell of your courage, humanitarianism, selflessness, inventiveness, contributions to people, innovation, and so much more. 

Your stories have made life better: they motivate your colleagues, our students, alums, supporters and the general public. Some of these stories have been told by the news media, though most have received little publicity.

I am lucky because I hear stories from ALVSCE’s great diversity of disciplines and from all across Arizona—not only Tucson. But I’d love to hear more, and I know others would too.

So we created “Difference Makers” to celebrate you and those you know who make differences for others in many ways, big or small, to many or even just one other.

I’d like to ask you to please contribute to “Difference Makers”. Your time is very limited, so submission is easy and fast and can be anonymous. We'll be sharing these stories on our division websites so we can all continue to be inspired.

Best wishes,

Shane C. Burgess
Vice President for Agriculture, Life and Veterinary Sciences, and Cooperative Extension
Charles-Sander Dean for the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences