ALVSCE Outstanding Research Impact Award

ALVSCE Outstanding Research Impact Award

This award recognizes an ALVSCE faculty member who has led a defined research project or made a discovery of unusually high impact and recognition within the past five years while an ALVSCE employee. This award will be made only in years when a faculty member is considered to have met the award criteria. The award will be accompanied by a plaque and $1,000, presented at an ALVSCE event.


Who can be Nominated?

Any ALVSCE faculty member with a research appointment is eligible.


Who can Nominate?

Nominations can be made by any ALVSCE administrative head, faculty, or staff member.


Nomination Materials

Nominating packets must include the following in a single pdf file:

  1. Nominee's full curriculum vitae
  2. A nomination letter from the initiator plus a maximum of three supporting letters and supporting documents as appropriate. Supporting letters can be from UA or external colleagues and should describe the research undertaken and its impact based on publications, patent/patent applications, company launches, and/or direct scientific or societal impact.


Selection Criteria

Nominees will be evaluated based on evidence of having led a defined research project of unusual impact and recognition, as reflected by publications, media recognition, scientific impact, intellectual property generation, and/or direct societal impact. The expected defined nature of the project makes this distinct from the Eminent Researcher Award which recognizes sustained achievement in a research career.  Intellectual contributions will only be considered made within five years of the award submission date. This includes publications, patents and other forms of scientific reporting.


Selection Procedure

A committee comprised of a minimum of three faculty and one staff member plus the Associate Vice President for Research serving as chair will review nomination(s) and select the winner.


Nomination Submission and Deadline

Send nominations in a single pdf file to Zaida Zalbidea at by close of business on March 1 annually.

Should March 1 fall on a weekend, the deadline will be automatically moved to the next business day.