Cooperative Extension Faculty of the Year Award

What is the Award?

The Cooperative Extension Faculty of the Year Award was created to recognize and honor outstanding achievements and contributions by a faculty member in University of Arizona Cooperative Extension. One of the major purposes of the award is for peers to recognize outstanding faculty. The award will usually be given annually with a plaque and award of $750 presented at the an appropriate Extension or ALVSCE event.

Who can be Nominated?

Any faculty who are involved in Cooperative Extension educational efforts and who have not received this award in past years are eligible for nomination.

Who can Nominate?

Nomination of candidates for this award may be made by department heads, school directors, county Extension directors, Extension faculty and Extension staff.

Information to be Provided in the Nomination Petition:

It is incumbent on the nominator to do a particularly careful and thorough job of documenting the petition. Recommended information to include:

  1. Name, Unit and Contact Information for the nominee
  2. A nomination cover letter (from the nomination coordinator) and 2-5 commendation letters to include narrative statements of the individual's exceptional contributions involving Cooperative Extension in areas such as: achievement on the job (ability in performance of duties), quality of Extension programming, innovation, problem-solving research, outreach efforts, grant awards, efforts in diversity, and participation in University-related activities and committees, service to the CALS community, and service to the outlying community (youth organizations, professional groups).
  3. Cover letter can serve a dual role as one of the required commendation letters.

Selection Procedure

The Extension Administration Council will review all nominations and make their selection based on the criteria listed below.

How to Submit Nominations

Send the original nomination packet to Dr. Edward C. Martin, Associate Vice President and Director, Cooperative Extension, The University of Arizona, Forbes 301, P.O. Box 210036, Tucson, AZ 85721-0036. The deadline for submission will be announced annually as it may vary somewhat from year to year.

Cooperative Extension Faculty of the Year Award Suggested Criteria

These criteria address employee achievements in Arizona Cooperative Extension that have an impact primarily at the department/school/county level within the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

Outstanding Achievement on the Job

Actions that constitute performance beyond expected standards such as:

  • producing high quality of work over an extended period of time.
  • producing high quantity of work over an extended period of time.
  • giving extra effort to complete a job or handle a heavier workload.
  • volunteering for and working on special projects.
  • working as part of team efforts.
Exceptional Contributions towards Programmatic Effectiveness and Efficiency

Actions that contribute to the maximum utilization of departmental resources such as:

  • innovation in development of and conduct of Extension programs.
  • development of problem solving research.
  • outstanding efforts in outreach methods.
  • exceptional grants, gifts or contract awards.
Special Efforts in Promoting Workforce Diversity

Actions that contribute to improving sensitivity to and implementation of diversity such as:

  • increasing awareness of and respect for different cultures.
  • eliminating culturally offensive or threatening practices in the workplace.
  • taking affirmative steps to help diversity in the workplace.
Distinguished Efforts in Faculty Development/Recognition

Actions that help provide employees with opportunities to learn and to be rewarded such as:

  • making special efforts to recognize excellence in others.
  • creating extra opportunities to improve skills and abilities.
  • contributing to an exceptionally supportive, team-oriented environment.