Outstanding Team Award

What is the Award?

The Outstanding Team Award was created to recognize and honor unusual dedication and outstanding contributions by a team of Division of Agriculture, Life and Veterinary Sciences, and Cooperative Extension (ALVSCE) employees. The award will be given annually with a plaque and award of $500 to each team member (maximum of $2,500). The award will be presented at the ALVSCE Spring Luncheon.

Who can be Nominated?

Nominees must be employees of the Division of Agriculture, Life and Veterinary Sciences, and Cooperative Extension. Faculty, academic professionals or non-probationary classified staff, irrespective of length of service, except recent recipients, are eligible for nomination. We welcome nominations including students and community members, but recipients of the monetary portion of the award must be ALVSCE employees.

Who can Nominate?

Nomination of candidates for the Outstanding Team Award may be made by any administrative head, faculty, staff or student in the Division of Agriculture, Life and Veterinary Sciences, and Cooperative Extension.

Information to be Provided in the Nominating Petition:

It is incumbent on the nominator to do a careful and thorough job of documenting the petition. Recommended information to include:

  1. Names of team members nominated
  2. A minimum of two nomination letters required regarding the team's exceptional contributions in the following areas: (2-4 categories acceptable)
    • achievement on the job (ability in performing duties)
    • assistance to students, faculty, visitors, community groups and outside agencies
    • contribution towards the effectiveness and efficiency of ALVSCE operations
    • efforts in staff development or affirmative action
    • participation in University-related activities or committees
  3. External written commendations of accomplishment (2-4)
    • service to ALVSCE community
    • service to the Tucson community

Selection Procedure

A committee comprised of a minimum of two faculty and one appointed personnel member plus the associate dean for research serving as chair will review all nominations and make their selection based on the attached criteria.

How to Submit Nominations

Please email all nomination material to Associate Vice President Parker Antin at pba@email.arizona.edu. The award is usually presented in the spring and deadline for submission will be February 15th every year.

ALVSCE Outstanding Team Award Suggested Criteria

These criteria address employee achievements in programmatic effort that have an impact primarily at the department/school/county level within the Division of Agriculture, Life and Veterinary Sciences, and Cooperative Extension. Team nominees must be engaged in activities that support teaching, research, Extension or a combination of these areas within the division.

Outstanding Achievement on the Job

Actions that constitute performance beyond expected standards, such as:

  • producing high quality of work over an extended period of time.
  • producing high quantity of work over an extended period of time.
  • giving extra effort to complete a job or handle a heavier workload.
  • filling in when unit is short-staffed.
  • volunteering for and working on special projects.
  • serving on a committee and contributing to its success.
Exceptional Contributions towards the Effectiveness and Efficiency of Operations

Actions that contribute to the maximum utilization of departmental resources, such as:

  • integrating information or equipment for more efficient/effective use.
  • developing new work methods that reduce waste or stretch resources.
  • eliminating unnecessary actions or steps for delivering service.
  • making creative suggestions that save time/money.
Outstanding Service to Other Employees or Visitors

Actions that are especially helpful or make a good impression on others, such as:

  • doing things for others that are beyond job requirements.
  • performing in an exceptionally courteous and cooperative manner.
  • being so helpful that others write letters of appreciation.
Special Efforts in Promoting Workforce Diversity

Actions that contribute to improving sensitivity to and implementation of diversity, such as:

  • increasing awareness of and respect for different cultures.
  • eliminating culturally offensive or threatening practices in the workplace.
  • taking affirmative steps to help diversity in the workplace.
Distinguished Efforts in Staff Development/Recognition

Actions that help provide employees with opportunities to learn and to be rewarded, such as:

  • making special efforts to recognize excellence in others.
  • creating extra opportunities to improve skills and abilities.
  • contributing to an exceptionally supportive, team-oriented environment.