Acronym Guide

Acronyms are heavily used across academia and in federal and state agencies. Having trouble sorting out what an acronym stands for? Here are a few key links that might be helpful!


Human Resources, Business and Finance

Common Acronyms at the University of Arizona (UA Human Resources)

UAccess Community Business Acronyms

UA Financial Services Manual: Appendix B - Abbreviations/Acronyms (Financial Services Office)


Research and Federal Agencies

UA HIPAA Acronym List (UA Research Gateway)

Commonly Used Agency Acronyms (The United States Government Manual)


Cooperative Extension and Agriculture

UA Cooperative Extension Acronyms

Glossary of USDA Acronyms

Acronyms at Maricopa County Cooperative Extension

Guide for Landowners (Water Resources Research Center)

Understanding Technical Terms and Acronyms Used in Precision Agriculture (2010 UA Cooperative Extension publication)