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ALVSCE Financial Transparency

ALVSCE is committed to financial transparency and welcomes you to explore.

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Mandatory Employee Training

ALVSCE is committed to creating a safe, equitable, and ethical campus environment, emphasizing the importance of training to ensure it.

Harassment & Discrimination Prevention

Additional Required Training

More than 1,400 employees, including faculty, staff, post-doctoral scholars and graduate assistants, are part of the Division of Agriculture, Life and Veterinary Sciences, and Cooperative Extension (ALVSCE).

Compass serves all ALVSCE employees by helping them find resources, connect, and engage.

Our division's foundational strategic intent is to be the most sought-after place to be a part of. Part of our efforts to be the most sought-after workplace is measuring and making concerted efforts to improve the climate of ALVSCE for our employees. See Engagement Surveys to view results from our past employee engagement surveys, and the current actions we're taking based on the most recent survey. The most sought-after organizations are not only a great place for professionals to find success at any point in their careers, they are also the most successful organizations. Want to find out how you can align with this strategy in your own department, office or lab? Learn more in our strategic plan.

Critical to our success in reaching this goal is continually reassessing how we respond to the changing needs of, and pressures on, our employees because of family issues. Several University of Arizona policies are designed to help. Read more about Temporary Assignment of Alternative Duties for Appointed Personnel, health-related leaves and clock delay in this 2015 memo from Vice President and Dean Burgess. UA Human Resources offers a wealth of resources for prospective employees, employees and affiliates, and managers and supervisors. Additional guidance on policies and programs specific to our division can be found in the Business Services section.