This page contains all the resources, communications, and presentations relevant to the University Career Architecture Project (UCAP) and specific information for employees within the division of Agriculture, Life and Veterinary Sciences and Cooperative Extension (ALVSCE).

UCAP Main Project Website

The UCAP website has a wealth of information and resources including:

In our division we have sent out numerous communications and given a number of presentations to ensure the folks in our division have as much information and understanding as possible.  See below for links to both emails that we've sent out and recordings of the presentations we've given previously:



  • 9/20/19-10/9/19 - Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Training - In response to a concern raised in the UCAP in ALVSCE Open Forum, a team of HR and business professionals from the division developed a training tailored to helping employees and supervisors within the division understand exempt vs. non-exempt classifications, overtime rules, travel time, and more

  • 7/15/19 - UCAP in ALVSCE Open Forum - In this forum, KC Armenta discusses the current progress and status of UCAP. He provides a historical timeline for how the project has unfolded in ALVSCE as well as a current timeline of the goals. The rest of the forum was used for individuals to ask the panel questions regarding UCAP.


Once UCAP is implemented, the employment group of University Staff will be in place.  All current Appointed Professionals will automatically move to University Staff as their contracts end the day prior to UCAP implementation on January 27th.  Classified Staff have the choice to opt into the new University Staff employment category, and will need to take action to opt in (if that is what they wish to do) by December 6th.

The policies that govern University Staff have been under construction and were recently released for review on September 10th.  As with all new policies at the UA, they are open for comment for 30 days prior to implementation.  View the Policies Under Consideration here.  In reviewing the policies, be sure to also review the related documents and guidelines that are referenced within each policy. 

The relevant policies for University Staff are: