CALS Student (Enrollment) Counts Over Time



View student counts over time by unit, plan, and career for all students with a CALS major, specialization, pre-major, certificate, or minor.


This dashboard is currently updated twice each semester (beginning of the term and end of the term) and may be update more frequently.  Please see the Data Last Updated date below. 


This dashboard is still under development and does not yet provide official census numbers, only the latest student population per term and, if selected, those in that population who were actively enrolled and/or enrolled at census date. Please provide feedback to Brian Berrellez ( Due to the nature of the way this is being published, no student-level information is available at this time. This dashboard includes all students from all campuses (Online, Distance, UA South, etc.) and Primary Majors, Secondary Majors, Specializations, Certificates, Pre-Majors, and Minors.  

  1. Set "Enrolled Census Date Flag" to 'All'
  2. Set "Enrolled in Term Flag" to 'Enrolled in Term'
  1. Scroll to the Report Options section
  2. Click the Download Data button
  3. Wait for the data to download

The data that will download is aggregated to the lowest level of detail without student names.

Data Last Updated: 2021 September 08



Download Row Level Data (Restricted)