Oversight Dashboard - Instruction: SCH



View trends of Student Credit Hours (SCH) of courses owned by CALS per CALS Unit, across campuses and revenue streams.

See the Definitions section below for information about the data source, RCM reconciliation, and more.

RCM Reconciliation

SCH will not match RCM/AIB per se due to this dashboard showing actual credit units taught in courses owned by CALS, which is a different lens on the data that is more focused on the mission than the revenue.  To view SCH in an RCM-like fashion, select Campus as MAIN and limit to Fall and Spring Semesters.

Data Source

Data is from the University's data warehouse based on course ownership.

Current data load is from January 26, 2023



Note: When clicking the button above, a dialog in the dashboard will appear in the dashboard to confirm/proceed with your download.