Faculty Senate Representation by CALS

The University of Arizona practices shared governance with its faculty, appointed personnel, staff, students, and our ultimate governing body, the Arizona Board of Regents. Faculty members share in the traditional role of recommending academic curricula and academic personnel policies, as well as strategic and financial planning and the development of policies and procedures relative to the general operations of the University.

Participation in faculty governance, on committees, in the Faculty Senate, on SPBAC, etc. helps to improve this University and to protect faculty rights. More information about the Faculty Senate may be found at http://facultygovernance.arizona.edu/faculty-senate.

The Faculty Senate meets on the first Monday of each month. If you have any University or CALS issues or concerns that you would like to have raised during a Faculty Senate meeting, please reach out to one or more of the senators listed below, and they will advise you in this process. The CALS faculty includes the following Senators, who represent a variety of interests and activities on campus.

  • Roger Dahlgran, Associate Professor, Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics (College Representative, CALS)
  • Nancy Driscoll, Assistant Professor of Practice, Department of Nutritional Sciences (College Representative, CALS)
  • Susanna Eden, Assistant Director, Water Resources Research Center (APAC Representative)
  • Melanie Hingle, Assistant Professor, Department of Nutritional Sciences (College Representative, CALS)
  • Edward Martin, Director, County Extension, Maricopa County Cooperative Extension (Senator-At-Large)
  • Jean McLain, Associate Director, Water Resources Research Center (Senator-At-Large)
  • Dennis Ray, Professor, School of Plant Sciences (ex officio: Undergrad Council Chair)
Faculty Senate Minutes