Professional Empowerment Workshop Series: Addressing Bias

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Addressing Bias

The fourth event of the Professional Empowerment Workshop Series: Addressing Bias

The goal of the series is to provide targeted professional development opportunities for career track faculty, appointed professionals, and staff with an emphasis on topics which are particularly relevant to underrepresented groups.

This session will take a condensed look at the ways in which biases impact our everyday lives. Exploring the concepts of Socialization and Cultural Competence, participants will gain an understanding of how to confront our biases in an effort to become effective social justice advocates.

Facilitated by Sherard Robbins, founder and Senior Executive Officer of Visceral Change

Brought to you by the Office for Diversity & Inclusive ExcellenceALVSCE Diversity & Inclusion CouncilCALS Staff CouncilALVSCE Appointed Professional Council, Native Faculty, and Office of Diversity and Inclusion at UAHS


Feb. 28, 2019 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Link to event recording