Inclusive Empowering Feedback: An Interactive Session

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Inclusive Empowering Feedback: An Interactive Session

Professional development training stresses the importance of timely and specific feedback. However, non-majority groups continue to experience the ongoing, persistent effects of unconscious bias, resulting in less emphasis on individual accomplishments and more emphasis on subjective commentary. This session will provide a background, values-based guidance, practical framework, and interactive skill-building activity to build your capacity to empower direct reports or colleagues and advance university goals in creating an inclusive environment.

Speaker: Rachele Peterson

 Speaker Bio: Within the National Institutes of Health’s Precision Medicine Initiative, Rachele Peterson, MS, is Executive Director and a Principal Investigator of the University of Arizona-Banner Health All of Us Research Program. She leads a team of more than 120 clinical research and engagement professionals across 14 sites and multiple states who are dedicated to educating, engaging, and enrolling 100,000 diverse participant volunteers toward the national goal of 1 million or more individuals to accelerate research and improve health. A certified clinical research professional and certified research administrator, she has 17 years of clinical research and leadership experience.

Brought to you by: the ALVSCE Diversity & Inclusion Council and the Office for Diversity & Inclusive Excellence


Jan. 29, 2020 Noon

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