UCAP Open Forum 7/15/2019

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In this forum, KC Armenta discusses the current progress and status of UCAP. He provides a historical timeline for how the project has unfolded in ALVSCE as well as a current timeline of the goals. The rest of the forum was used for individuals to ask the panel questions regarding UCAP.

UCAP in ALVSCE Open Forum Recording Timeline:

1:04 Forum’s Agenda and Overview Of UCAP

5:30 Quick Summary Of UCAP

7:05 Appointed and Classified Staff vs University Staff

8:02 University Staff- Retirement and Vacation

9:19 University Career Structure (Job functions and Job families)

10:23 University staff definitions & Career Streams and Levels

 12:37 Timeline of Project for ALVSCE (July ’18, Jan ’19, May ’19, and July ’19)

12:51 July 2018 Supervisor and Employee Conversations

13:38 January 2019 Division and Unit Conversations

14:52 May 2019 Division and Compensation Conversations

15:53 July 2019 Final Calibration from an Organizational Perspective

17:18 UCAP Current Timeline

19:40 Q& A Panel

                21:06 Panel Introductions

                22:14 How did you interface with the University’s needs?

                27:00 How will this new system track and respond to the complexity of work and expectations of individuals?

                29:58 The change from exempt status to nonexempt status. What actions is the college taking to ensure that supervisors are ready for this change and what will you do to ensure that supervisors understand the rules of what employee protections there are?

                34:13 If you have a classified staff that is exempt and gets mapped into UCAP as nonexempt, but they choose not to go into UCAP are they still exempt?

                35:46 Will the county offices be able to see how staff in other offices are mapped and will there be an opportunity to review and revise if equity is an issue?

                37:06 What are the benefits or reasons why somebody would opt in and opt out of the system?

                41:03 If you do not opt in how will it affect pay raises or university merit increases?  Why even keep the classified status?

                47:29 Is there a time limit to opt in?

                49:09 Who has the final word on how a position is mapped?

                50:37 What is the reassessment timeline?

                51:15 Are you going to know what your other peers’ positions are mapped as? Does HR plan to release leveling University wide?

                54:05 What does the appeal/reassessment process look like? What is the policy release timeline?

                56:04 If HR does not want to release it, could the college publish their results?

                59:15 If someone is mapped at a salary level higher than their current salary, who pays for the increase? If the staff member is paid by a grant, what is the timeline for adjusting budgets? When will salary ranges be released?


July 15, 2019 9 a.m. to 10 a.m.

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