Quarterly All Available Funds - Due Date

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More information can be found in the Business Resources section of the website.

The timelines to report on the prior fiscal quarter are as follows.  Keep in mind that you have limited time to complete the Quarterly Available Funds and that UA Foundation data will not be available until after the 15th.

Usual Timeline for Each Quarter

Quarter Start Date Due Date Primary Task
Q1 Second Monday of October Last Friday of October Establishing Projections and Entering Obligations
Q2 Second Monday of January Last Friday of January Modifying Obligations and Planned Inflows/Outflows
Q3 Second Monday of April Last Friday of April Modifying Obligations and Planned Inflows/Outflows
Q4 Second Monday of August Last Friday of August Modifying Obligations and Zeroing-out Planned Inflows/Outflows


Sept. 4, 2019 All Day
Oct. 25, 2019 All Day

Event Contacts

Kina Barton for College of Agriculture & Life Sciences
Carolyne Greeno for Cooperative Extension