Perspectives on Diversity & Inclusion Series: Tending to the parts: Trauma Informed and Healing Centered Practices

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Dr. Treya Allen

Tending to the parts: Trauma Informed and Healing Centered Practices

The word trauma is liberally applied but loosely understood. The effects of stress and trauma can have direct impacts on how we attend to ourselves, relate to others and make meaning of the world. This has implications for how we learn, how we work in teams, and how we filter and interpret interactions with other humans. In this session we will clearly define trauma and stress, define trauma informed/healing centered care and practices, and apply healing centered practices to our own personal practices.

Speaker Bio: Dr. Treya Allen currently serves as a Program Manager for Diverse and Inclusive Advising at the University of Arizona. Her advising practice centers on elevating scholars and families through culturally relevant ways of knowing -both ancestral and generational. She is the curator of underground retention programs for Black scholars at the collegiate level and an independent learning specialist for students in K-12. Most recently her work and scholarship have been employed in the development of African American Studies programs at the collegiate level.
Dr. Allen is a first-generation undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate degree holder. She is a proud alumna of Northern Arizona University three times over. She completed her M.Ed. in Human Relations Counseling and earned an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership.

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