Perspectives on Diversity & Inclusion Series: Initiating Greater Inclusion in Your Work: How IOI Can Help

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Jane Pizzolato

Initiating Greater Inclusion in Your Work: How IOI Can Help

Since George Floyd was murdered and #BlackLivesMatter gained much broader support from across diverse communities, there has been an increase in interest in trainings, workshops, and practices to make units, departments, and organizations more inclusive and equitable. The space between a desire for organizational change and actually making that change a reality, however, is wide, and there are often multiple competing stakeholders in this change process, as well as foundational knowledge about power, opportunity, and equity to be acquired. IOI is here to help you through this time as a unit, or individually in your own leadership, teaching, advising, and programming. We offer a variety of free DEI related resources, support services, and trainings for faculty, staff, and students, and we are leading the institution's response to the rise in anti-Asian harassment and hate due to COVID-19. We also house a large amount of data on BIPOC students' experiences at the University of Arizona, and we use this in collaboration with other units and coalitions to work for change on campus. Collectively our work is focused on supporting individuals and units as they engage in focus on organizational change for greater equity and inclusion. In this presentation, I will share specifics about our resources and practices, and provide opportunities for to try out some of the activities that are part of our longer, more intensive trainings.

Speaker Bio: Jane Pizzolato received her Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from Michigan State University. Her research and related publications focus on: (a) self-authorship development processes in college students of color, (b) understanding the impact of the gap between policy and practice on TANF community college student development and success, and (c) developing culturally responsive interventions and assessments to create more inclusive models of college student development. Prior to coming to The University of Arizona, Jane spent 9 years as faculty in Higher Education & Organizational Change at the UCLA, and 3 years as Assistant Professor of Applied Developmental Psychology at the University of Pittsburgh. During her time at UCLA, Jane also served as faculty-in-residence in the UCLA Residential Halls that housed Living Learning Communities, where she worked with student leaders and professional staff in developing and implementing programming to support student development and academic success. In addition to her faculty work, Jane has student affairs experience from Michigan State University, where she provided direct student support in Student Athlete Support Services and International Student Affairs. Jane also coordinated an alcohol and drug counseling program in Judicial Affairs. At the University of Arizona, Jane works in IOI where she provides consulting services on culturally inclusive assessment practices in student affairs, serves on the core response team for the Bias Education & Support Team, and provides DEI focused trainings and workshops as requested across units at the university. Jane is also leading the sub-initiative of the UA Strategic Plan focused on equity and inclusion for diverse populations and increasing the retention of students identifying as men of color.

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Sept. 16, 2020 Noon to 1 p.m.

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