Ethics Resources

Ethics are a fundamental ingredient of all high-performing teams.  It leads to trust, integrity, and influences our level of engagement.  What do ethics mean in the Division of Agriculture, Life and Veterinary Sciences, and Cooperative Extension?  What is the difference between ethics, morals, and laws?  How do we behave ethically in our daily work in ALVSCE?  How can we encourage ethics and establish a standard that we will support in the division as a whole?  These are questions we strive to answer in our ongoing ethics campaign.  We have hosted ethics discussions on February 23, 2017, March 24, and April 5, and hope to host more of these in the future.


UA Ethics and Compliance Hotline

(866) 364-1908 (Reports can be anonymous)


Useful Resources

Policy for protection of employees from reprisal for whistleblowing

Information on misuse of University assets

Conflict of Interest Program

Conflict of Commitment Policy

Policy on Nepotism

Management of Personal Relationships/Conflicts of Interest for the University of Arizona

Research Integrity Program

University Student Code of Conduct

Interactions with Non-enrolled Minors